Integra Advisory provides high-quality strategic and commercial advice across the spectrum of M&A transactions. Our approach is focussed not only on the transaction but also on the post transaction environment of business integration and market communication.

Our M&A expertise spans:

Public Company Transactions

  • Takeovers and schemes of arrangement;
  • Mergers;
  • Takeover defence;
  • Demergers and spin-offs; and
  • Substantial shareholder sell-downs.

Private Treaty Transactions

  • Target search;
  • Acquisitions;
  • Exit planning; and
  • Business/asset sales.


Dual Track Processes (Parallel Trade Sale and IPO)

A simultaneous trade sale and IPO process requires careful management to ensure trade buyers and public market investors are both engaged in the process in order to create competitive tension. The Directors of Integra Advisory have managed a number of dual track processes, resulting in a range of sale and IPO outcomes. Having experience in both M&A sale processes and public market transactions is essential to understanding the drivers of participants in the process and to ensure a successful client outcome.